Thursday, 28 April 2011

its been a really long time......

been awfully long since i last blogged. not sure if i wanna revive it actually and if i do whether i still wanna do it on this same page. while in the midst of deciding i thought i'd change the template abit.. not really sure of how to do things around here anymore.

so much has changed ever since i last blogged. i dont mind my job. im still stuck with the same teaching one. wanna make a change on that but again im stuck at the crossroads of not really knowing what to do. *sigh* why is it that some ppl seem to have so much passion and conviction in what they wanna do and yet poor me here is totally clueless on that?

anyways i'm really supposed to be like marking test scripts instead of even trying to blog and so farewell.. till we meet again.. here or someone else.. now and in the near future.. we shall see..

*i wonder if anyone still even reads my page.. im thinking no. haha

Saturday, 17 April 2010

i'm cute???!!

ok teaching is starting to be slightly more enjoyable even though my timetable sucks. back to back lessons in different classrooms, many days i even have to compromise on my lunch cuz i have days where i have lessons from 9-2, 8-1, 10-3. its been tough running around and school has only just reopened for a week and i'm feeling thrashed and that i need another holiday away from sg. oh wells...

anyways y i say teaching has become slightly more enjoyable is because i'm now teaching subjects that i'm familiar with and furthermore i was the one who did up the notes and all so it means i do not have to study before my students!! i also have added responsibilities now that i have a form class of 37 students. thank goodness so far they've been good. and i know for a fact they can be good its juz a matter of how long they can remain being good. in comparison to the other 2 new classes i can proudly say my students are more outspoken and fun. suits my character eh! i shall groom them to be all like me although i'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. hahahahahahahaaaaaa.. well the good thing now is im beginning to enjoy what i'm doing! fweeeeeeeee... i hope this feeling stays around! i'm on a roll................... :D

From some survey done by the students during the recent holidays..

Open comments on the Teacher

-She is an easy-going teacher. =)

-a good teacher.

-she is easy to communicate with and fun loving, and she is able to understand the students well.

-very out-going teacher. :)

-ms fun!! haha.. during ur lesson i'm always enjoying myself learning as well. sorry when i sleep during ur lesson :q

some fb comments that i picked up from the senior buncha students that i've only just begun to start teaching this term. makes me feel good knowing that they enjoy my lessons and they like me! ooooooh!!!! hee hee...

Monday, 29 March 2010

cant believe its been so long..

whoa juz realised its been like 8mths since i last blogged? i think we've all kinda grew out of blogging... ha. not sure if anyone's still occassionally checking out each other's blogs every now and then?

so much has happened since the aug that i dont know where to start from. i guess the biggest change i've gone thru is the switch in career. i dont even know what i got myself into now is even called a career cuz the path seems to kinda die at where i currently am now. dont think theres much progression where i am. i dont regret having moved to do what im doing now, i've learnt life is too short for regrets and it hasnt been a totally horrific experience but im thinkin i might have prematurely gone into a retirement job. lol. well i guess i still have time to ponder about where to go from here, for now i'll juz stick to what im doing to gain experience and we'll see where that brings me to.. hopefully somewhere huh!

that aside life has been pretty fun with all the diving that i've been doing. im glad i took that up! though its pricey to sustain but its really awesome. aim to do rescue diver within this year. not sure if i'll take up divemaster becuz im really juz lookin at doing tis for recreation n not as a job prospect. furthermore dm's in sg hardly earn anything maybe cept for couple of free dive trips to the nearby areas if they lead a dive but thats too much responsibility for me! hahahaha

so other than all the above i think i need to save many many much much $$ to do more travelling also. top on the list is hkg!! seems so near yet so far.. *sigh* need to be able to take leave also. thats a toughie.. wad a bitch!

till we meet again.... toodles.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


so its been about 4mths since i last blogged. in the last 4mths i've done on 3 different diving trip and i have another 1 planned to redang this mth! hopefully the trip goes as planned. it has just been so amazing, do hope my finances can keep up with my enthusiasm. lol. been holding back to buy the equipment becuz i wasnt sure if i was gonna keep to this hobby but i think i'm ready to get abit of my own stuff now.

diving aside it has only been work and nothing much else to talk abt. work has still be horrid and i dont see how it will improve anytime soon. the amount of stress from the bosses, the management, the owners, the clients, my targets and goals.. its juz massive and i feel like i can hardly breathe. so many constraints yet the bosses think its ur business to straighten it out and they're only interested in seeing results and receiving good news, all others u are to absorb and buffer to ensure it doesnt get to them. sighh.... i need some balance but i dont know how to get it. well thats something for me to ponder about yea? for all those out there.. i know u're suffering too. a word of advice or rather something i practice... take things with a pinch of salt, dont get worked up, the more u get worked up the more the other party is one step closer to succeeding, theres only so much u can do-do whatever is within your means leave the rest to the others, listen more-talk less... lastly remember to breathe...

peace out.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

new hobby... diving.

hey all i know its been a long time since i last blogged... to the extent that i had to crack my brains and try to remember wads the password to log on to the blog! haha.. i dont even know if anyone still checks my blog out... ayee doesnt really matter, i write to entertain myself anyways. ---> trying to make myself feel better, while obviously knowing the fact that im kinda writing to myself. lol

anyways.. nothing exciting has really happened all these months cept for the recent diving trip i went for. after much hesitation (yes, i've been wanting to pick up diving like since damn long ago) i finally got down to doing it. together with joey (the last time we planned didnt work out) michelle and the last unexpected join to the group... sarah. winnie dropped out becuz of unforseen circumstances--> i realise ppl love to use this excuse, i think its crap btw! so we decided on goin to pulau dayang cuz it was the cheapest compared to tioman and redang and being a learning trip where half the time u'd be panicking and not concentrating on what there is to see, we thought it was the wisest choice. so off we went on the last wkend of March. the rest is all history... its amazing underwater. the peace and tranquility.. and sights and serenity.. its juz puts u at peace seeing all the fishes swim by u... its juz so fucking amazing. juz only a wk after we are like about to plan for the next dive. the only downfall of this hobby is that it costs alot. but im not complaining, at least its a healthy hobby? ha well i urge all those who had always planned to pick up diving to really get down to doing it. its something u wont regret. :)


Sunday, 14 December 2008

long overdue post..

i've been away for like so long im not sure wad to update anymore. in this absence i've gotten 2 more tattoos and many more other stuff, that some are not worth mentioning and others are for ya'll to find out.. ha.

caught the sneak preview of twilight today. slightly disappointed cuz was kinda expecting more but overall its still watchable. i've seen much worse movies. well there'll be a sequal to it.. cuz it ends with .......... ya i dont like such endings. tsk. went to orchard today and its one of those days u bump into hell lotta ppl? saw liah, lee sun sun, allyssa, jean kor.. is sg small or wad?? wanted to do xmas shoppin but didnt end up buying much. shall try again tmr after brunch. am lookin forward to it! to see me crabbie and chummy.. hope i dun get sleepy and lazy after brunch becuz there really isnt very much time left to do shopping! grrrrrr...

work has been ever so tiring.. with the implementation of a dumb new operating system. i've analysed and come to the conclusion that the only few reasons why we have been put through so much nonsense is because....
1) HI is being stingy and refuses to pay licence rights to use the good old operating system we were running on.
2) HI came up with this PMS to create high-paying jobs for the whole HUGE team who 'assists' to implement it.
3) HI came up with this PMS to force us to work like how all other dumb H properties function. 4) the gardener bribed them to make the program work towards her benefit (when it comes to the inflexibility of quoting rates).
5) HI is trying to prove their stupidity when they managed to come up with a dumb PMS but is unable to come up with a catering system to go along with it, and when asked why so.. the reason is becuz due to the downturn of the economy the catering management system project has been stalled till further notice.. so now we have to do double work! WA LA! how efficient! **refer to point 2.. maybe if we didnt have sucha huge implementation team who draw huge salaries we might have had some funds left to create the catering system?!

in short... the dumbasses are out to kill us! *spits* die u bastards! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!
Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!
~Killing in the name, Rage against the machine~

Sunday, 9 November 2008

meaningless conversation?

someone had a craving for roti prata so i suggested cheese prata at pasir panjang.. which she 'cleverly' linked it to being near pasir ris.. lol. maybe cuz both places had pasir in it? so it can also mean pasir panjang is near bukit panjang which is in turn near bukit timah? woohoo! hahahahahahahaaaaaa had a damn bloody good laugh! :P in the end also didnt make it to eat any prata... hiaks.

watched the coffin and saw v over this weekend... kinda disappointing. the coffin wasnt half as scary i thought it'd be and im not exactly a saw fan so yea, not much plot to begin with. so they ended it off in sucha way there'd still be saw vi... still think REC is the best i've watched in a long time.. y'all should go catch it if u havent!

sigh so sad the weekend has come to an end already. it'd be a long long week ahead. so not lookin forward to it........................ good night.. at least i get to do something i like before i have to go to work again. sleep... i hope i wake up a happy, chirpy person!

'Day after day I must face a world of strangers
Where I don't belong, I'm not that strong
It's nice to know that there's someone I can turn to
Who will always care, you're always there
When there's no getting over that rainbow
When my smallest of dreams won't come true
I can take all the madness the world has to give
But I won't last a day without you
Touch me and I end up singing
Troubles seem to up and disappear
You touch me with the love you're bringing
I can't really lose when you're near
If all my friends have forgotten half their promises
They're not unkind, just hard to find
One look at you and I know that I could learn to live
Without the rest, I found the best..'